Friday, September 11, 2009

Knitting things!

One of my favorite web-zines,, just updated to their September issue. They have free patterns and contests, so it's worth signing up.

I'm especially excited by this Hex Pattern, which more than ever convinces me that I really want to start knitting lace. I like nice warm scarfs and all, but I really want to make beautiful flowing ponchos and shawls for my wardrobe, and I think getting the thinnest of yarns and using lace patterns is the best way to do this. If you've ever heard of Eunny Jang and her Print o the Wave stole, you might know why I'm interested: it's GORGEOUS! Eunny's main site is my introduction to lacemaking.

The main inhibitors? Time and Money, as always. I'm currently up to my elbow in three scarves, and they're luscious, and it's the right season for scarves anyway. I'd like to finish them before I start lacing. And of course, I'm going to need different needles and yarn (maybe even thread) for lace. But I am nonetheless excited about it.

Here's a task for you today:
Set yourself a short knitting goal. (Mine is to make a lace bookmark). You have one month! Post and let me know what your goal is and keep track of your progress!


  1. Glad to hear your scarves are going well. Love those mittens on that girl's site! and the lace shawl as well! You picked some good inspiration.

    <3 SAJ

  2. Many shiny things indeed. So gorgeous!

  3. OK, my goal is to start some Christmas knitting and NOT FROG IT. I have started several times for several people and have frogged ALL of them! GRRR, so I am committed to starting and not just giving up--waiting to see how the pattern works itself out! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation! PS: Your link to doesn't work :(