Thursday, March 10, 2011

8 things

8 things about me:

1. I have a twin sister! I'm so used to it that I often forget to tell people, and they are always surprised.

2. Just got my hair cut supershort... not short enough, I think!

3. I have half a semester of classes left before I get my Master's Degree and get to do research 24-7

4. If I had a million dollars I would start a foundation for the advancement of society through logic, intelligence, and compassion.

5. I am waiting to hear back from a research grant that will send me to Denmark for 6 months. If I don't get it, my advisors have discussed sending me anyway! (but I'd have to see what my collaborators decided). This is especially exciting to me as I have never before been out of the country

6. If I had to choose one place to live for the rest of my life, I think it would be Puerto Rico. Especially if I could get all my family down there. The land, the people, the science... it is all amazing!

7. One thing I really don't understand, after studying for however many years, is Quantum Mechanics

8. I firmly believe it is insufficient to merely survive, to merely do what is good for ourselves--we must without question strive to leave the world a better place than what we entered into.

I'd tag someone else but all of my friends have been tagged. So if you visit this blog and I don't know you--you're it! leave me a comment and let me know when you've done your 8, and I'll come read it!

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