Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet Squashy

Meet Squashy the Quatchi! He comes to me courtesy of Resurrection Fern, and he's Canadian (eh?). Ms. Oomen does glorious artistry with thread and rock and plants and cloth. I happened across her blog not too long ago, and I stayed to gaze at the pretty pictures. (Hey, I'm in Astronomy... pretty pictures are part of the trade). Then during the Olympics, Squashy here was sent on a foreign exchange program to cultivate peace between our two lands.

He's landed happily here in the Astronomy Department, providing a little comfort and joy in our darkest hours. Or, when needed, he dons a mask and gives us motivation.
What are YOU looking at?

So thanks! The next time I get to go somewhere fun, Squashy will be with me, getting pins and being trained as an observer.

1 comment:

  1. i don't understand. more info about how you got the quatchi, whatever that is. or more sleep. also if you let anonymous people comment you might get more stalkers.