Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Great Convulsion

So here we are. Last day of classes. Everything coming to a head.

I'm coasting. Not quite on top, but with my chin above water. Like being pushed by a reasonably sized coastal ocean wave--my feet don't touch the bottom, so it can send me anyway, but I'm pretty buoyant so I can still breathe. And for now I'll let it carry me along. It's my direction and my guidance. I can try to return to shore later (and we'll see if I have the strength for it).

Things to do today:
finish Steve's lab write up, gah!
finish Li's analytic write up
finish my motherfucking star.
study at least 2 hours solid for Li (which is 3 hours attempted, I believe).
sleep like hell.

Those are good goals. I have a lot of studying to do for the next couple of days, with a splendid reward on Saturday night in the form of a cookie-baking-plus-alcohol-drinking party.

I can do this. Just keep paddling... just keep paddling... paddle paddle.

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